Why would I want a recliner with a lift feature?

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Why would I want a recliner with a lift feature?

Why would I want a recliner with a lift feature?

Today's Home Furnishings is proud to carry the Ultimate Power Recliner™ by Mega Motion... the only recliner you will ever need. The Comfort Lift Technology allows for a greater range of positions for maximum relaxation. From the Comfort Power Recline with Lift Option features to the Power-Tilt Headrest and “Never Cold Again” Zoned heat technology, the Ultimate Power Recliner™ has the style for you and the convenience for the whole family.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions when looking to purchase a power lift recliner.

What is the difference between a Three-Position and Infinite position Ultimate Power Recliner™?

There Ultimate Power Recliner™ is available in both Three-Position and Infinite Position mechanisms with a lift option.

  • Three-Position chairs recline backward while the ottoman rises. Using the power handwand, the chair can be stopped at any position and reclines further back than that of a standard recliner.
  • The Infinite position chairs are capable of reclining parallel to the floor in the Lay-flat position to the Trendelenburg position, which allows for the ottoman to rise high enough to allow the legs to be above the heart, resulting in an infinite variety of reclining positions.

Is picking a fabric essential?

By selecting the upholstery fabric, type and color you will be able to customize your Ultimate Power Recliner™ to your particular style and need. With the exclusive Crypton® Performance Fabric, you can choose from a variety of the very best pet and children-friendly performance fabrics with a proven impenetrable moisture barrier that is guaranteed to stay stain free. These performance fabrics are engineered for ultimate durability while remaining beautiful and soft to the touch.

Is there a warranty on the Ultimate Power Recliner™?


Mega Motion offers a lifetime warranty on the steel lift mechanism. Mega Motion warrants that the steel lift mechanism on your lift chair will be free from defects under normal use and service for as long as the chair is in use by the original owner. This lifetime warranty covers the steel lift mechanism against metal fatigue, defective welds, and bushings.


For one (1) year from the date of purchase, Mega Motion will repair or replace at our option to the original purchaser any of the following parts found upon examination by an authorized representative of Mega Motion to be defective in material and/or workmanship:

  • Motor
  • Hand Control
  • Scissor Mechanisms
  • Transformer/Control Boxes

For one (1) year from the date of purchase, Mega Motion will provide labor, service calls, shipping, and/or any other charges incurred for repair of the product. All transportation costs and shipping damage incurred while submitting parts for repair or replacement are the responsibility of Mega Motion. Please contact your authorized provider for information on service visits.

What if I lose power?

The Ultimate Power Recliner comes with an integrated battery backup system that can be used during a power failure. The backup system is powered by two 9V batteries (not included) that need to be installed into the external transformer.

Is the Ultimate Power Recliner™ customizable?

The Ultimate Power Recliner™ has many choices you can select from:

  • Zone Heating - Bump your comfort up a level and soothe your muscles with the zoned heat option in the back and legs.
  • Convenient USB Ports - Power your devices with built-in USB ports in the power handwand.
  • Power-Tilt Headrests - Added extra support while you recline, perfect for reading and watching TV.
  • Crypton® Performance Fabrics - Say goodbye to stains and spills, and hello to luxury with our lifestyle-friendly fabrics.
  • Pocketed Coil Seating - Individually wrapped coil springs offer the ultimate in lasting support.


*Note some features are only available with select models.

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